Tuesday, June 15, 2010


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Not much can be said about German/Portuguese uberproducer Moullinex that hasn't already been repeated time and time again.
Bottom line is that this guy can do virtually no wrong. He has been setting the nu-disco world on fire with his masterful usage of funk basslines, pulsating synths, and frequent incorporation of (!!!) real instruments. While he is perhaps known best for his remixes of popular acts like Cut Copy, Sebatien Tellier, and Two Door Cinema Club, his solo work is equally formidable.

This track comes from his Superman EP, which just dropped June 4th on Gomma Records.

It's a delightful 6-minute number that makes me envision dark clubs filled with beautiful people. The bass plucks away steadily throughout the song while synths and guitars weave in and out, layering until the vocals come in. Whoever the singer is, he's filtered so heavily through a vocoder that I can't understand a single word he's saying. But that's what makes it all so mysterious and sexy.

Click to Download: Superman--Moullinex

P.S. As a general rule I dislike most dance music videos, but I think this one captures the mood of the song perfectly. Enjoy.

Moullinex - Superman from Moullinex on Vimeo.

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