Thursday, July 1, 2010

All Together Now (Beatles Cover)

*I finally got music streaming up and running!*

Photo Credit Emir Ozsahin

I’m hoping that you all already have this song. It’s all over the internet; even Kanye West posted about it on his blog. But just in case you don’t, here it is for your (undoubtable) enjoyment.

Here we have Andre 3000 covering The Beatles’ “All Together Now.” The original song was featured as the closer to the Beatles’ legendary “Yellow Submarine” film. Paul McCartney purportedly meant for this song to sound like an audience sing-along from the bygone music hall/vaudeville era. He succeeded. By the end of it you have to nearly fight yourself to keep from joining in.

Though the original tune is itself a bouncy, sing-along-ready pop gem, Andre 3000’s cover takes it to new heights. Andre’s “All Together Now” is not only modern R&B at its finest, it also sets the bar for what a cover should sound like. While retaining the integrity of the original song, Andre 3000 amps it up a few notches while putting a fresh and funky spin on it through the incorporation of tambourines, bluesy piano riffs, and even a male vocal ensemble doo-wopping in lieu of an upright bass. These elements, topped by Andre’s distinct scratchy-albeit-powerful vocals, make for a hand-clapping, foot-stomping, boisterously good time.

Right Click to Download: All Together Now (Beatles Cover)--Andre 3000

**Dear Andre 3000,
Please re-reunite with Big Boi to continue making epically amazing music as OutKast. While you are both genius in your own right, the world is a much duller place without your combined talents.

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