Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Daft Punk

In celebration of finally learning the release date of the TRON Legacy soundtrack (November 23rd!) composed by none other than my absolute favorite electronic act, here’s a Daft Punk-related post.

First off, I can’t even tell you how excited I am for this soundtrack to come out. If you want to preview six of the tracks click here. I was overwhelmingly surprised by them—they don’t sound anything like Homework-era Daft, which is what I had been expecting. Instead of samples and electronic sounds, Daft Punk seems to have utilized a full orchestra. Wow. Here it is everyone: Infallible proof that electronica artists can be just as talented at songwriting and composition (sometimes even more so) as their ‘traditional instrument’-wielding counterparts.

Asking me to pick a favorite Daft Punk song is like asking me to pick a favorite child, but here are a few of what I consider to be all-time bests. These aren’t the most famous of Daft songs, and haven’t really gotten any radio play in the states, so hopefully these are new for some of you. Two fast-paced bangers and two slower, sexier pieces.
Right-click to download.

Live it up:

One minute into it, a guitar solo consisting of an unending sequence of arpeggios commences, and every time I hear it my face practically melts.

Spinal Scratch

Ok technically this isn’t Daft Punk. But, it’s Thomas Bangalter, who is one-half of Daft Punk. This song features some of the best scratching I’ve ever heard on a track. Incredible.

Take it easy:
Something About Us

More guitar solos on this track, this time in a smooth-jazz style. A simple love song about that certain je ne sais quoi that makes you keep loving someone more and more, even if they don’t quite reciprocate

Make Love

As the title suggests, I could totally get down to this.

*By the way, if you for any reason haven't seen the TRON Legacy trailer yet, STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING IMMEDIATELY and go watch it here.

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hard to say if i'm more excited for the movie or the soundtrack

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