Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Let Go

“Your love is just a game, I’ll teach you how to play.
Your life is just a phase, I’ll never let you go.”

(And I'll never be able to get this song out of my head.)

Photo Credit Tim Walker

“Let Go” is a killer indie-dance/electropop track by Short Circuit. He releases music through Binary Entertainment. Binary is a music collective/record label based out of LA, which features some amazing electronic artists, including (most notably) Fabian, NightWaves, LexiconDon, and the aforementioned Short Circuit. To quote Binary themselves:

“All artists are first and foremost songwriters and producers, unlike the DJ centric dance scene in Southern California. Binary’s mission is to bring the song back to the dancefloor…Binary has established itself as a tastemaking entity, spreading its own brand of dance pop and dreamwave music.”

Ever heard of the “Dreamwave” genre? Well, these guys not only coined the term, but also all but wrote the book on it. If you have yet to hear any Dreamwave, you've been missing out. I suggest you read the Binary Blog to collect some seriously mood-lifting, spacey jams that tend to evoke glistening beaches and starry skies.
**I guess this is a bit of a plug, but Binary is especially close to my heart because I just recently started writing for their blog. Check out my first post on Vancouver’s FM ATTACK here.

As for “Let Go.”
À la the classic Police song “Every Breath You Take,” this song is at its heart a bit stalkerish and kind of creepy. But in the grand scheme that doesn’t matter in the least because it’s so goddamn catchy. This song showcases the power of the four-to-the-floor kick pattern as it stomps along, commanding your attention. Synthesizers arrpegiate under a robot voice singing about his inability and unwillingness to let go of a failing relationship. His lover wants out, but he's incapable of coming to terms with the fact. Instead he swears “I’ll never let you go.”

The singer may be a controlling lover, and he may be a bit delusional, but his walk matches the talk. His melody is so infectious, the beat so driving, that you can’t help but be convinced by him and indeed sympathize with him. My bet is that before the song is over you too will be singing along with his “Woah oh oh oh oh.” Call me a sucker for an infectious hook, but I know that if I were the girl in question, I wouldn’t really mind if he kept on ‘coming back for more.’

Download: Let Go--Short Circuit

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