Thursday, July 22, 2010


I promised myself I would never post a song right after having downloading it from one of my favorite music blogs. I think it’s kind of a cheap move, like taking credit for something you didn’t discover. But I just can’t help myself with this one, because I really want to share it with everyone I know. And I guess in the grand scheme, we don’t all follow the same music blogs; and some of you don’t follow music blogs at all unless I tell you to come on here and download something (Hi Emily). So here’s to hoping most of you don’t catch my faux pas. Thank you to Et Musique Pour Tous for introducing me to this artist, and here you go.

The following song, Mornin’ is by Star Slinger. He’s a relatively new producer out of the UK, and I’m loving his stuff. His music is ‘Hip-Hop’ in the same way that RJD2’s work can be called Hip-Hop. In other words, don’t expect rapping about big booty hos here. Instead, Star Slinger utilizes a vast catalogue of samples, both vocal and instrumental, ranging from every genre of music from reggae to 80’s rock. He ties it all together with shuffling rhythms involving lots of bongos, lazer sounds, and the occasional synth motif. While original instrumentation is normally the standard in terms of ‘musical integrity,’ people who can sample the shit out of a song are just as impressive in my book. It takes a great ear and a lot of creativity to successfully assemble an entirely new song out of a handful of pre-made parts. The way Star Slinger combines all these different elements is no easy feat, and the end result is chilled-out hip hop with a whole lot of mojo.

Mornin’ is a joyous, filtered, shuffling celebration of love in the early morning. Pre-Afternoon Delight if you will. The vocal sample is from The Staple Singers’ Let’s Do it Again, which unabashedly proclaims,

“Let’s do it in the morning, sweet love in the summertime…No worries ‘bout nothing, just getting good love.”


Right-Click to Download:
Mornin’—Star Slinger

***If you like what you hear, you can download Star Slinger's entire new mixtape for free here.

Bonus: An earlier release (not on the mixtape)
Close to Me--Star Slinger and Teams

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