Sunday, September 26, 2010

Introducing Comedown Sundays: Soak It Up

Photo Credit Ashlie Chavez

It’s Sunday. Rough. We all know the feeling: you wake up after partying for two or three nights prior, and every part of you hurts. All you want are some pancakes, a shower, and for your raging headache to go away. After blasting pump-up club beats all weekend, the soundtrack for your Sunday should be mellow, melodic, and kept at a low decibel. In light of this I’m introducing Comedown Sundays. Need a soundtrack to your recouping, rehydrating, and refocusing on your responsibilities? Comedown Sunday Songs will serve that purpose.

This song comes from Chicago-based Houses. Following a recent trend in indie music, they’re a boyfriend-girlfriend duo. A while back, they relocated to a small hut in Hawaii, where they lived sustainably, showering with rainwater and powering their computers via solar panels. While there, working occasionally by candlelight (how romantic), they wrote and recorded a catalogue of music before moving back to Chicago a few months later. The product of that trip, their debut album All Night, is being released October 19th. Sonically it some seriously blissed out, chilled out, and romantic music that sounds quite appropriately….like it was written in a hut in Hawaii. Intimate and delicate, Soak It Up is a perfect background for lounging idly all day, preferably with someone else lying next to you.

Right Click to Download: Soak It Up--Houses

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