Wednesday, September 15, 2010


A batshit-but-excellent picture for an equally batshit-but-excellent song

You know those songs that you hear for the first time and ask yourself, “Do I love this or do I hate this?” Well, I’ve asked myself that question about Kissy Sell Out’s Joanna every time I’ve listened to it (which at this point has been a lot), and I’m still on the fence. At any rate, this track is unlike anything I’ve ever heard, and regardless of how I feel about it in the end, any track that is this creative, unique, attention-grabbing, and confounding deserves to be shared.

Kissy Sell Out is a BBC Radio 1 DJ and consequently should know a thing or two about what ‘works’ in terms of song composition. But if you tried explaining to me Joanna’s formula without first playing it for me, I would tell you you’re out of your mind. If you look at all the elements separately, this track shouldn’t work…but oh it does. It starts off with electric cellos and then this smooth jazz sax bit, before transitioning into what can only be described as an Electro Irish Jig. Seriously. Then it has this keyboard-heavy cadence that seems destined to be layered over by Pete Tong’s voice announcing “Welcome to the Essentiallll Mixxxx,” before fading to that weird smooth jazz bit again. Like I said, bonkers. But amazing.

Ok, yeah I’ve decided, it’s love.

Right Click to Download: Joanna (Original Mix)—Kissy Sell Out

* BONUS: Figure's dubby remix.

Right Click to Download: Joanna (Figure Remix)--Kissy Sell Out

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