Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ya Dance So Sexy Bebe

Photo Credit Janelle Dry

Here’s a gem from the consistently impressive Joshua Harvey. As a man of many pseudonyms, you may know him best as Hervé or “The Count” half of The Count & Siden (who have a new EP out, buy it here). Here he utilizes the moniker Voodoo Chili and serves up a spicy Latin–cum-Electro number aptly titled Ya Dance So Sexy Bebe.

This song had me hooked the second it incorporated a salsa sample. It’s that easy with me, really. Then the mariachi trumpets came in, and I lost my cool. Add finally glitching, scratching, and raucous “whoops,” and I knew this song was going to get an embarrassing amount of play time in my car. It’s fun, sexy, and most of all creative. This whole Salsa-Electronica is unlike anything I’ve heard, but in a “Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?!” way. Is Salsa-Electronica even a genre? If so it’s officially my new favorite. If not, someone needs to call up Josh and tell him he’s sitting on a goldmine.

Right Click to Download: Ya Dance So Sexy Bebe—Voodoo Chili

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