Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Map of the Problematique

“I can’t get it right since I met you.”

Photo Credit Thobias Faldt

This song is over four years old, so it was quite a surprise when I heard it being used last night as the theme music to a new movie trailer.

Hearing it, I remembered why Muse was my favorite band for the better part of 5 years, and why I’d made a concerted effort to attend every one of their live shows that ever came within 100 miles of me. And how, regardless of the now-tired usage of conspiracy theory themes, occasional campiness, slightly whiny vocals, and Radiohead comparisons (which I personally think are pretty unwarranted), when Muse gets it right, they fucking rock. Nobody does bombastic progressive rock better, and if you need a soundtrack to your next world conquest, this is right on point.

Right Click to Download: Map of the Problematique--Muse

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