Friday, November 26, 2010

Gemini Club vs Hey Champ

Photo Credit MIke Lloyd

Notice anything different? Yesterday was Thanksgiving and I have quite a lot to be thankful for; first and foremost being the KILLER new Loose Lips logos and banners that the fantastic (er...magnificent) Magnificent Beard have graciously provided me. Magnificent Beard are a Dallas-based graphic design team who specialize in absolutely stellar gig posters (and I’m not just biased—they’ve won the Dallas Observer’s Poster of The Week no less than 7 times). I’m also thankful for We Are 1976 for initially referring me to Magnificent Beard this past summer. We Are 1976 is a design shop/gallery located on N. Henderson which houses work by a multitude of independent Dallas designers. Magnificent Beard are regularly featured there, so be sure to stop by and support both the artists and the store. They deserve some serious love. (Thanks guys!)

Finally, I’m thankful to be back home in Chicago. In honor of the Windy City, here’s a pair of songs from two of its up-and-coming electro acts, Hey Champ and Gemini Club. A few months ago these synth-wielding electropop outfits gave each other the remix treatment, and what a treat it is. Hey Champ’s remix of Gemini Club is a groovy disco-tinged joyride (with a bridge at 1:17 that gets me swaying every. single. time I hear it), while Gemini Club’s remix of Hey Champ is a stomping, stuttering piece of pop perfection. These two acts are definitely doing their city proud.

Right Click to Download: Ghost (Hey Champ Remix)--Gemini Club

Right Click to Download: Cold Dust Girl (Gemini Club Remix)--Hey Champ

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