Monday, November 15, 2010


Photo Credit Saga Sig

If yesterday’s song was meant to close your week with a moment of ambient reflection, today’s song is meant to jump start your new one with a burst of exuberant opportunism. I can’t take credit for finding this (it showed up last week on Altered Zones), but it nonetheless might be my favorite song I post for the rest of the year. The amazing Heart is brought to us by Vancouver’s Blood Diamonds. After hearing this song I scoured the internet for more Blood Diamonds’ material, but unfortunately there isn’t much, save for a handful of tracks on his soundcloud. This lack of repertoire makes Heart even more special—if this is one of Blood Diamonds’ first works I can’t even imagine how his sound will expand in time. Utilizing the same cutting-sampling-original-materialing hybrid employed by the likes of Star Slinger and Keep Shelly in Athens, Blood Diamonds crafts this beautiful tempo shifting go-getter, experimental enough to pique your interest yet melodic enough to hold it. Marimbas, pan pipes, and tribal drums are offset by swirling synthesizers and the jubilantly admonishing,
“Get ready, cause here I come.”
This mantra represents the perfect attitude with which to greet the day, the week, or the rest of your life, as the music provides the perfect theme.

Right Click to Download: Heart--Blood Diamonds

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