Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Die Tonight

I'm usually adverse to posting cover art, but this one looks so uncannily like one of my ex boyfriends that I had to include it.

I meant to post this yesterday but fell asleep instead. Which I think is appropriate given the cover art.
Sweden's jj released their first mixtape, Kills, on Christmas Eve via the Sincerely Yours (their label) website, and what a great Christmas present it was. It's a unique and inspiring mix of samples and covers, personalized by original lyrics and production. I've never heard anything quite like it. I guess we should have known something like this was up jj's sleeve, as they've sampled/covered/ripped off pop songs in the past (i.e. the brilliant Ecstasy, which 'ripped off' Lil Wayne's Lollipop), it was only a matter of time before they expanded on that formula. I can only imagine this is going to become the new 'thing' to do among relevant indie-electro acts. But let it be said: jj did it first. And they're probably going to do it the best. Though all the songs are just a step away from genius, I'm posting Die Tonight, the second track off the mixtape. The reason? It samples/covers two of my favorite songs of 2010: Robyn's Hang With Me and my favorite guilty pop pleasure, Taio Cruz's Dynamite (hey, it's a catchy song). It opens with the first stanza of Robyn's lyrics before elaborating, then launching into a Dynamite-driven melody and beat with a completely new set of lyrics. Somewhat amazingly, it not only works, but rocks.

If you like what you hear, be sure to grab the entire mixtape (for FREE) at Sincerely Yours' website HERE.

Right Click to Download: Die Tonight--jj

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