Tuesday, December 21, 2010

(Other) Best of 2010, Part I: Electronic

Here’s my first attempt at a ‘Best of [insert year here]’ list…but it’s not quite.
The thing is, thus far Loose Lips has been entirely dedicated to the songs I’ve loved in 2010. I’ve tried to only post music that’s truly moved me, and consequently the blog’s archives can more or less be read as my year’s ‘best' list. However, there were a few notable tunes that fell through the cracks, so to speak. Whether because I never got around to posting them, I was unable to post them due to copyright issues, or they didn’t fit in with the aesthetic of the blog, for whatever reason they never made the cut, but that’s not to say that I loved them any less. They might not be the ‘best’ by industry standards, but they’re what made me happiest or inspired me most. Anyway, I don’t think I have any kind of right (nor do many others) to make a qualitative list of the ‘best’ music of the year, as music taste really is so subjective.
So without further ado, here’s Part I of Loose Lips’ 2010 Wrap-Up, my “Year’s OTHER Best” if you will.

Pt. I of the 3-part Wrap-Up features my top 10 (downloadable) Electronic songs of the year. 'Electronic' meaning music made by producers versus a traditional band setup. I say 'downloadable' because there are actually 12 tracks here, but seeing as I couldn’t legally post the Grum tracks—which are arguably my top 2 electronic tunes of the year—I included 2 extra. (Make sure you listen to the Grum tracks though, they're stellar.)

Either grab all 10 tracks simultaneously by grabbing the Zip Folder HERE,
or pick and choose by clicking each song link and downloading individually. (Right click, save download...you know the drill.)

After Dark—The Count & Sinden [from Mega Mega Mega]

Continuing my Hervé kick (‘The Count’ is yet another one of his aliases, used when collaborating with fellow British DJ, Sinden), this song shows his playful and—dare I say it—poppy side.

Animus Vox—The Glitch Mob [from Drink The Sea]

The Glitch Mob were one of the most unique groups to break onto the scene this year, both in production and performance style. Animus Vox is creative and intricate yet immediately accessible.

Coma Cat—Tensnake

Tensnake proved to be the little disco engine that could, as Coma Cat became THE club anthem of Ibiza 2010. Can I get, can I get get?

Ghost In My Head—Niva

Niva started 2010 unknown, and remains relatively unknown still, but that doesn’t mean this rainy day electro is any less beautiful.

Golddust—DJ Fresh

While the Flux Pavilion remix of DJ Fresh’s song got all the attention among my peers, the original Dn’B version is what had me coming back for more. You can’t beat the energy of the original. And the music video!

Midnight Walk—Barretso [From Bright City Lights EP]

Thanks Barretso, for giving me my most-played song of the year. IT MAKES ME FEEL BETTER.

My Feelings For You—Sebastien Drums & Avicii

2010 was Tim Bergling's (a.k.a. Avicii) year, and this collaboration with Sebastien Drums proves he’s worth the hype.

Second Lives—Vitalic

Though Vitalic’s album, Flashmob, was released in 2009, the Second Lives Single came out in March, so I’m allowing it to count. Vitalic is one of the best producers in the world today; I’d venture to say top 10. If you don’t believe me, just listen and see for yourself.

Tertre Rouge—Russ Chimes [from the Midnight Club EP]

One of 3 tracks off of Russ Chimes’ epic Midnight Club EP; it’s simultaneously sexy, fun, and slightly dangerous.

This Moment—French Horn Rebellion [from The Infinite Music of French Horn Rebellion]

French Horn Rebellion provided us with perhaps the year's best electro pop tune, which all but forces you to put a smile on your face and sing along.

Heartbeats--Grum [from Heartbeats]
Popjustice called Grum's Hearbeats 'the greatest song of the 21st century', and they weren't too far off. The thing I love about this song is unlike most songs that start at a '1' and build, climaxing at '10' and gradually fading back down, this song is at a constant '11'. I wish I could give it to you to download. Buy it here instead.

Grum - Heartbeats from Brian McBlade on Vimeo.

Cybernetic--Grum [from Heartbeats]
Oh Grum. Another song, another masterpiece. All in a day's work for Scotland's great electronic hope.

Check back tomorrow for Part 2: (Other) Best Instrumental Tunes.

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