Saturday, January 22, 2011

1999 (RESET! Remix)

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It is both surprising and tragic that more Americans don’t know who Cassius are. They’re playing here in Paris tonight (I’m so excited I can’t sit still), but I’ve had a hell of a time finding an expat friend to go with me. Having to describe them as “similar to Daft Punk, but without the mainstream stateside success” pains me a bit, but for easy categorization’s sake it’ll do. Plus it helps to piques people’s interest. Why they haven’t achieved the same statewide recognition as say Daft Punk or Justice is beyond me, especially considering how long they’ve been around—15 years—and their Grammy-winning work with other artists (ever heard of the band Phoenix, or their Grammy-winning album, Wolfgang Amedeus Phoenix? Phillipe Zdar produced that). Despite their inability to truly penetrate the American market, they’re absolutely fantastic, and legends in the French house and disco scene. Their feel good brand of French touch is the perfect soundtrack to any party. Or run, for that matter. Speaking of party…remember RESET!? Their remix of Graffiti 6’s Annie You Save Me was one of my favorite tracks of 2010, and since bursting onto the scene last year, this Italian collective is quickly establishing themselves as one of my favorite electronic artists. Their bouncy, fun, occasionally frantic remixes and original productions are the type of joyously groovy numbers I am such a fan of. Never short on energy, their remix of Cassius’ 1999 takes it from sunny house number to verifiable funk-a-thon. I challenge you to try and sit still while listening.

1999 (RESET! Remix)—Cassius


Julien said...

yeah, they are great. I was at the Showcase, but there was too many people to really enjoy the party. What the american market is doing :D ?

MoyerME said...

yeah it was crazy crowded there. but i'd much rather have that than no one know who they are, like in the US. americans are fucking up. ;)

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