Friday, January 28, 2011

Addicted to You

"I can't let go, I am so addicted to you."

Photo by Sander Van Derveen

At this point, I should probably consider renaming LOOSE L!PS “The Josh Harvey Fanclub Blog.” I can’t help but sing his praises. With this post he’s officially become my most-featured artist, but with good reason. Josh Harvey—a.k.a. Hervé, Voodoo Chili, Young Lovers, and The Count—makes sensational music. Coupled with the equally formidable Graeme Sinden, under the moniker The Count & Sinden, the two are unstoppable. Or at least, they very well should be.

Today I’m featuring Addicted to You, a song that by all extents should be an international club and radio crossover sensation. To reiterate; this song should be HUGE. It has all the right elements: a stomping beat, Island-style hip hop vocals reminiscent of Sean Paul, pop culture references (including Denzel Washington and Obama, no less) and the most intoxicating pop chorus I’ve never heard on the radio. There is absolutely no reason I can discern as to why this song isn’t a monster hit. I fully belive that it should be experiencing the same kind of success that David Guetta’s Sexy Bitch (featuring Akon) had on maintream US radio, and in a perfect world should serve to propel The Count & Sinden to international superstardom.

The problem, I would imagine, is in the ‘celebrity’ of both the Count & Sinden and the guest vocalist, Bashy. Regrettably, none of the aforementioned artists have found much success outside of the United Kingdom, though for the life of me I couldn’t tell you why. If formula and talent were the only criteria for mainstream success, MTV would be all over this song. And, I assure you, the public would love it. When I first considered posting this song and the argument that ‘this should be the next great pop song,’ I asked my brother—my toughest critic—his opinion. Having trapped him in my car, I proceeded to blast this song and demand, “Don’t you think this song could be huge?! Like Sexy Bitch?!”

“Well,” he responed, “This doesn’t sound a thing like Sexy Bitch…but yes, definitely.” So there you have it. This song should be huge. Between the irresistible beat, lyrics, performances by all involved musicians, and the excellent music video (featuring Zombies!), this should be the next big thing. Even if I can't figure out why it’s not. So do me, The Count & Sinden, Bashy, and the wide world of music a favor: Buy this song. Hype it up. Tell all your friends.
This is pop music at its finest.

Addicted to You (feat. Bashy)--The Count & Siden

The aforementioned (awesome) music video:

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