Sunday, January 23, 2011

Comedown Sunday: Girl Hair

Photo Credit Jonas Eriksson

To those of you new to the blog and the Comedown Sunday concept (I would imagine many of you are as my traffic has been steadily growing), let me do a quick refresher. Here was the original mantra: It’s Sunday. Rough. We all know the feeling: you wake up after partying for two or three nights prior, and every part of you hurts. All you want are some pancakes, a shower, and for your raging headache to go away. After blasting pump-up club beats all weekend, the soundtrack for your Sunday should be mellow, melodic, and kept at a low decibel. In light of this I present Comedown Sundays. Need a soundtrack to your recouping, rehydrating, and refocusing on your responsibilities? Comedown Sunday Songs will serve that purpose.

I don’t know about you, but I’m in desperate need of some mellow tunes right now. I thought I knew how to party…then I moved to Europe. Today I’m getting some serious schooling via an aching body and a hazy but incriminating set of memories from last night’s jaunts. Luckily I have the perfect solution to the headache, Dallas’ own Conner Youngbloood. Just 20 years old, he’s been making the blog rounds recently with his savvy self-promotion and the musical chops to back it up. The cool thing is that I actually know this guy. Well, if you count meeting once at a sushi restaurant as ‘knowing’…then we are best friends. Aside from the personal attachment (clearly I take my first-time encounters very seriously), Conner deserves all of the praise I’m about to give him because he makes absolutely beautiful music. Though his catalogue spans a wide variety of genres “from bluegrass to dubstep,” the song that screamed (whispered) Comedown Sunday was the gentle, folky Girl Hair. It reminds me somewhat of old Rogue Wave at their most docile, circa 2004’s Out of the Shadows. It’s features the same type of melodious interweaving of silvery guitars and delicate tenor vocals. The song is sweet, simple, and very much helping to cure my sour mood. Dallas (and the rest of the world for that matter), keep an eye out for Conner.

Girl Hair--Conner Youngblood

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