Sunday, January 16, 2011

Comedown Sunday: If I Should Die

Photo Credit Sadie Harris

Today’s Comedown Sunday tune is of a slightly darker and more somber nature than usual, but as it is both unique and sultry it deserves the spot. ▽nknown ShΔpes (which I will be referring to as ‘Unknown Shapes’ because I am lazy and hate typing stupid symbols—I’m sorry, but admit it, you know they’re stupid too—in band names) is a brand new producer out of the UK who, despite having a pet-peeve inducing name, makes some really excellent music. I don’t know anything about him (nor do I think does anyone else) other than he is being managed and promoted by Camden’s experimental beatmaker Blue Daisy. He posted a link to a full download of Unknown Shape’s first EP on his Twitter a few days ago, but has opted to let the music speak for itself and refrained from releasing further information. I do think that’s a fairly wise strategy, as this is music that definitely can both speak for itself and hold its own. Unknown Shape’s style is somewhat reminiscent of a less dubby, but just as dark, Burial. The EP is filled with downtempo and gloomy-yet-glistening experimental electronica accented with the occasional vocal sample and driven by the kind of deep bass that you feel in your core rather than hear. If I Should Die opens the album, and the only thing that it leaves me wanting is to know just what might happen if I should indeed die before I wake.

If I Should Die--▽nknown ShΔpes

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