Monday, January 10, 2011

Comedown Sunday: Madrid

Photo Credit Acid III

Ok, so it’s not quite Sunday. I wanted more than anything to post this song yesterday as this week’s Comedown Sunday tune, but I was far too busy packing to get on the computer. So while this is late, it’s not for lack of planning or effort. Just think of it as a Comedown Sunday on a Monday. I've had a whirlwind past 48 hours: I relocated. I’m living in Paris for the next 4 months, though I’m not-so-secretly hoping that I never leave. (Is it wrong to use my blog as a platform to make friends? Oh well: Any Paris readers…get in touch with me, I’m new here and I don’t know anyone.) As for the song, it’s by a French band called Holden that no one I know has ever heard of. I myself don’t quite remember how I stumbled upon them; I think I received their album in one of those random accidental file transfers back in the days of Soulseek. Funny how accidents sometimes have a way of working out for the better, as Holden ended up being one of my favorite go-to chillout bands throughout my teenage years. With their unique blend of indie-rock-cum-bossa-nova styling, capped by lush female vocals (singing the worlds most romantic language—French—no less), Holden create captivating soundscapes invoking languid days and easy living. Madrid, a song about the joy of friendship in light of new adventures and locales, uses dreamily weaving guitars, subtle organ ornamentations, and delicate hi-hats to invoke a placid mood celebrating the pleasures to be found in life’s little adventures. It's the perfect soundtrack to my preparation for a new life abroad.

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