Friday, January 14, 2011


Photo Credit Ryan McGinley

I have about 20 songs lined up to be posted next, but I'm nudging them all back a day (or two, or three, or four) to make way for Xinobi. Like Moullinex--who I featured a few weeks ago--he too is a D.I.S.C.O. Texas member, and so is inherently amazing. A couple weeks ago he released his new song Hawaii for streaming on his SoundCloud. It will be released on his Best of Me EP, which is coming 'soon' on Paris' own Work It Baby. I was going to hold onto this track until just before the release date, but I can't wait for whenever 'soon' is. This song is begging to be posted tonight because the repeated cheering of "ooh! yeah!", infectious bassline, and jubilant wooh-ing, with a riff that sounds like a KC and the Sunshine band sample (but isn't), perfectly sums up my mood. I'M FEELING AWESOME. It's my first Friday night in Paris. And hey, it's your first Friday night this week. Celebrate!

Xinobi - Hawaii by Xinobi

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lesley said...

i like what i'm hearing from this dj. he's got a nice sexy disco thing going on that seems to be his personal sound. i find it fun and very enjoyable, very feel good - one track i heard with lyrics i could have done without the lyrics - but yeah, overall i would say i'm fairly pleased with this producer. quite nice. i feel myself moving in my spot. always a good sign of a great musician. very nice! thanks for sharing.

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