Saturday, January 15, 2011

I Follow Rivers

"I follow you, deep sea baby."

Photo Credit Helen Korpak

I have a rule where I’ll never post something unless I’ve listened to it—at the very least—3 times. That’s the bare minimum; the usual pre-post play count is most often around 5. Actually let’s be honest, with my tendency to over-play a song to high hell, it’s more like 10. Consequently, it is highly unlikely that this blog is ever going to break the hottest, trendiest, most buzz-worthy tunes before anyone else because of the nature of this personal rule. The thing is, I believe in only posting songs that I am passionately fond of, and I don’t think I can fully judge a song after merely a couple listenings. A few days ago I saw that Sweden's Lykke Li had released a new single. I listened to it once, all the while thinking “damn this is good”. I wanted to post it. Very badly. But I refrained because I have morals and a mantra and they both center something along the lines of “don’t sell yourself short for popularity.” Or something like that. So I didn’t post, and then of course I got busy, time passed me by, and now it looks like I’m late on the uptake, because this song is the new hot ticket. In reality, I’ve had the incredibly catchy, bouncy, and almost tribal-y I Follow Rivers stuck in my head for the past week. The mini-obsession reached a climax today when I found myself whistling the chorus constantly on the Metro, which was garnering me pissed-off looks from the Frenchies. That can only mean one thing: it’s time to post. This song further cements my growing suspicion that Swedes can do no wrong. Also, the piano-driven remix by The Magician is well…nothing short of magical. I can’t decide which I like more—I think I like them equal—so of course I have to post both. Who cares if I am late on the uptake; this train is better caught late than never.

I Follow Rivers--Lykke Li

I Follow Rivers (The Magician Remix)--Lykke Li

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