Monday, January 17, 2011

Opposite of Love (North Lights ft. Perseus Remix)

Photo Credit Ben Thomas

*Disclaimer: This review might very well make me seem like a crazy person.

Do you all remember Perseus? If not, allow me to refresh your memory or introduce you. Perseus were a 3-man electronic outfit spanning 2 different continents, and their remix of the almighty Grum’s Through The Night tore up the charts this past September. Rightfully so, as it can only be described as ‘hot hot hot.’ While their Grum remix was fantastic, their newest undertaking is even better. “But it can’t be done!” you may say. Oh, it can, and it has been. Since September there has been some changes to the Perseus roster, with member Junior leaving the group to pursue solo ventures under the name North Lights (never fear, as the Perseus moniker lives on with the remaining two members). Before the split, the three original members cranked out one last remix together, and the heavens opened and disco Jesus got a new theme song.

No, but seriously. This song is my life right now. Perseus describe it as “Fantastically Fred Falkey, Horribly Miami Horror, and copycat like of Cut Copy,” and indeed, it is exactly that, and miraculously so. It has rendered me the freak who sings along with their iPod on public transportation systems and on the streets. I just can’t help it! The original autoKratz’ vocal line is augmented by the most deliciously shimmering and euphoric synth work I’ve heard yet this year, taking the original song from a thumping little club number to perhaps the greatest modern 80’s style power ballad of recent memory. It’s like unicorns and constellations and Rainbow Bright and flocks of seagulls and every Roland ever made and the 3D-glasses renaissance all got sucked into the engine of a spaceship and when it blew up this song was spontaneously born by some miracle of the synths gods. I want to hear this song playing in every club I ever visit for the rest of my life, and also in space, and also every time I take a shower so I can sing along.

Yes, that’s how I really feel.

The Opposite Of Love (North Lights ft. Perseus Remix)—autoKratz

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