Friday, January 7, 2011


Photo Credit Janelle Dry

A week ago I received a track in my dropbox from a certain Datahowler, who described himself a producer/multi instrumentalist which a penchant for vintage sci-fi aesthetic. Seeing as space disco is my favorite genre, I figured I could dig it. Well, as it turns out the song sounds nothing like the type of ‘space’ music I had it mind, but it is just as amazing in its own right. Prophet begins by fading in to a polyphonic, ethereal chorus of “ah’s” undercut by electronic bloops before breaking into soaring synthetic chord progressions held together by unique kick/snare break patterns. It is captivatingly beautiful and indeed otherworldly—its ambient whirls serve to transport you to another time and place. When I snapped out of my music-induced daze, the first thing I did was check to see just who this Datahowler was. That’s when I saw: He’s from Dallas. Finally, I had stumbled upon an independent, self-promoting, inspiringly talented artist right in my own backyard! Of course I then took the next logical step and sent him a frantic email freaking out about how I loved him and we were basically brethren because we were from the same city. Come to think of it I probably sounded like a raging lunatic. Lucky for me he just rolled with it, and here I am today, elated to present you with one of Dallas’ own rising stars.

Datahowler will be playing his first show next Saturday, Januay 15th at Club Dada. If you like what you hear be sure to go out and support him. He’ll be using two MPC’s (here’s an old video of him performing with just one, under a different alias), those little sample devices that I admittedly know nothing about yet am fascinated by, so expect an engaging and unique show rather than the all-too-typical ‘push play on a laptop and go’ type gigs that so many of today’s producers are fond of. Additionally, he just received enough Kickstart funding to finish and package his Slowdrifter album, so keep an eye out for it sometime this month!

Right Click to Download: Prophet--Datahowler

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