Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sabali (Vitalic Remix)

Photo Credit Diego Diaz

It’s Thursday night in Paris and Yolanda Be Cool is in town. Cool.
To celebrate the occasion I wanted to post a Yolanda Be Cool song, but none really fit with the LOOSE L!PS aesthetic (yes, believe it or not there is an ‘aesthetic’). I could just go the easy route and post We No Speak Americano, but that doesn’t quite fit either, not to mention it is probably the most over-played song of 2010, and I doubt that anyone needs or wants to hear it again (but I do tonight, oh please oh please). So I’m posting another song that isn’t in ‘Americano’. I hope you get my thought process here. Even if you don’t, it’s a great song nonetheless. I give you: Sabali by Amadou & Mariam, remixed by the godly Vitalic. Amadou & Mariam are an Afro-pop duo out of Mali, and Vitalic is French (go figure). Vitalic’s deep bass and twinkling marimba—you can’t go wrong with marimba—mixed with Mariam’s exotic, pitched vocals make this quite the unique remix. The production renders it sexy, and Miriam’s ethereal, almost childlike, vocals make me feel that to label it as such is a bit taboo.

Right Click to Download: Sabali (Vitalic Remix)—Amadou & Mariam


Anonymous said...

this is almost a rip off/very closely inspired from james holden's work!

5+ minutes in for real

MoyerME said...

hmmm, i wouldn't say it's quite a ripoff, but yes, the sounds are very similar. i don't know if vitalic is inspired by holden or not, but they do share the same affinity for deep, warm bass. which i don't think there can ever be enough of, so good thing they do.

Anonymous said...

go packers!

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