Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Turn It Out

"I know you have so much to say to me, but I'm on the move."

Photo Credit Basilio Silva

When I upload the week’s new Loose L!p-St!ck Song (see sidebar) I usually refrain from making a hoopla about it. I tend to just casually change the song, then leave you to your own devices to discover it and do further research if it so pleases you. This week is a little different though, and hopefully it will be a welcome break in tradition. You see, I’m having a serious nostalgia trip. This has been manifested in my repeated, nearly unending playing of Death From Above 1979, the greatest punk band ever. Yes, you heard me. Ever. I once read an album review of their classic You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine that described the band perfectly. I can’t remember the source, and I’m paraphrasing to kingdom come, but the message went something like this: There are two types of people in the world, those who love Death From Above 1979, and those who have never heard them. Truth. Motherfuckers.

For all of you who fall into the latter category, I’m glad to introduce you (that’s my intention after all), but conversely sorry to tell you that you missed the boat. Formed in the early 2000’s by Jesse F. Keeler (of modern-day MSTRKRFT fame), and Sebastien Grainger, they erupted in a fury of blast beats, gritty reverb, and post-hardcore misogynism before imploding just a few years later. It is either punk’s greatest tragedy or greatest triumph that the duo never released more than one proper full-length. Tragedy because we the people were robbed of further greatness, triumph because the band essentially avoided ‘the sophomore slump’ and the possibility of ever releasing anything sub-excellent. That said, if there were one band I could resurrect in the history of music-dom, it would be these guys. No other act to date has been quite able to capture the raw energy and angst so conveyed by DFA 1979; and never before nor since has being young, horny, and fucking furious sounded so good.

Here's an extra song in addition to the week's St!ck:
Turn It Out--Death From Above 1979

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