Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dots on Maps

Photo by Stephen Zirwes

I totally understand why Eric Elbogen shortened his musical persona to Say Hi. I made sure to stay far, far away from “Say Hi to Your Mom” until someone asked me what I thought about him. I told them that I didn’t really listen to all that cheesy, packaged pop punk and that I wasn’t going to start any time soon. I’m guessing Elbogen got tired of people mislabeling and misconceiving his singer-songwriter, lo-fi sound for something more along the lines of Boys Like Girls or Cute is What We Aim For. Sometimes it’s not all in a name.

Dots on Maps is a track from Say Hi’s latest release Um, Uh Oh, and shows exactly what the one-man-band is all about. Turns out, Elbogen’s sound is more along the lines of Connor Oberst or M. Ward. It’s hard to come to terms with at first, believe me – I know. After listening to this particular track more than a few times, I just can’t help but feel that as far as current releases go, Elbogen has more than a slight edge on all the other guys. I think he's one of the few out there in the genre who actually gets it. Say Hi has succeeded once again in crafting a beautiful song - and it really doesn't matter what he calls himself.

Dots on Maps--Say Hi

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