Saturday, February 12, 2011

I Like What You're Doing

"Girl, I like what you're doing."

Not that he ever left, but Australian funk master Cassian is back in a big way with a solo EP, his first in 2 years. I thought that his stellar collaborations and remixes were enough for the discoverse, but I was proven horribly wrong yesterday when he uploaded his new I Like What You’re Doing EP for streaming on his Soundcloud. It’s out in 6 days (that’s the 18th) on Bang Gang Records.

You wanna talk fucking-amazing-mind-blowing-oh-my-god-YES type music?
This is IT you guys. Listen to the title track from the EP and prepare to have your mind blown and your body forced into movement. Disco, baby.

Cassian is playing on March 9th at Paris' Social Club with another artist I’ve liked to freak out about in the past, North Lights. Win.

I Like What You're Doing (Radio Edit) by cassian88

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