Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Make No Mistake

"Baby, you don't even know what's in my head."

Photo by Marc Van Dalen

Once again, I’m accompanying the changing of this week’s Lip-Stick with a proper post. I promise I’ll quit doing that regularly, but I felt compelled to give some information on the artists behind this week’s song because they are very green. In light, I thought it would only be appropriate to try and send some attention their way by highlighting them (and their awesome song) on here, rather than just posting their music with no explanation. I’m delighted to present AlunaGeorge, a very new, very small band from London, England. I found their song Make No Mistake while browsing the annals of the now-defunct (but still amazing) blog Fucking Dance.

On first listen, I didn’t know quite what to make of this song. As Jamila of Fucking Dance quipped, I think this is what they call "a banger", and it is indeed, at least in the instrumental sense. However, it is one of the least ‘traditional’ bangers I’ve heard, as the thumping, gritty beat is topped off by some of the—for lack of a better word—cutest female voices I’ve ever heard. The disparity between the crunch of the accompaniment and the sweetness of the vocals makes for quite the unique formula, and allows the song to transcend ‘club music’, and places it more so in the ‘rocking pop’ category, akin to Britney Spears’ new dubstep-influenced pseudo banger. Because it eschews all acceptable practices in making banging club songs, I was on the fence regarding whether I should love it or hate it. I was especially uncertain as to whether it should be allowed on the blog, as I have a distinct ‘no bang0r’ rule. That is, until I found myself whistling the bridge on the train. Then singing the chorus quietly to myself as I walked around the city. Finally, after the play count on the song hit 40 in a week, I decided to stop worrying if the song was ‘acceptable’ for the blog, and just post the damn thing. Even if I shouldn't love it, I do; hopefully you will too. Just wait until you get to the chorus. You'll see what I mean.

So here you are, LOOSE L!PS’ first bang0r. I promised myself I’d never post one. But, as AlunaGeorge has proven here with their combination of grit and cutesy that somehow works, I’m coming to find that rules are made to be broken.

Make No Mistake--AlunaGeorge

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awesome! finally i found the full version of this song!! thank u so so much! <3 ;*

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