Thursday, February 10, 2011


Photo by Theo Gosselin

I'll admit it, I'm extremely biased when it comes down to the music made by Milwaukee-based Maritime. Two of the members used to be in The Promise Ring, a seminal post-punk (emo!) band that easily ranks high as one of my all-time favorites. Still, I think it's safe to say the members have matured in their sound into something more of an all-around crowd pleaser. Apart from Davey von Bohlen's vocal work, Maritime is nothing like The Promise Ring - it's sound is rooted more along the lines of danceable, hook-heavy guitar work that resides in the realm of pure indie-pop.

Paraphernalia is the only available track thus far from Maritime's upcoming release, and it's definitely a good indicator of things to come. The song reminds me of something off of that last Phoenix record, but it still manages to hone in on the classic Maritime sound. Seems like a good combo to me. It's super catchy, and it just exudes feeling good. You won't find weird time-signature changes, dirty melodies or anything post-hardcore here. These days, von Bohlen and crew seem to draw upon a more straightforward approach to crafting songs - and it works. Look for Human Hearts, out on April 15 courtesy of Dangerbird Records.


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