Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Still Sound (Xinobi Remix)

"I don't want to be here alone."

Photo by Samuel Bradley

*This is going to be quick. I'm on vacation.
About a month ago, the great chillwave hope known as Toro Y Moi released a song that wasn't so chillwave. In fact, it was downright disco. Lord knows I love my disco, so naturally it was high on my list of things to post. Time got away from me (as it tends to do), and next thing I knew every blog and their mother had hosted the song. Turns out those elitist indie kids like disco when it doesn't come with the EDM title. Figures. Today, Toro Y Moi's disco turn met Xinobi's disco expertise, and a mini masterpiece was born. Xinobi is on fire right now. If you call yourself a fan of disco (which I'd imagine not very many of you do, but you should just admit it hipsters) and you're not following him on Soundcloud, you need to immediately, because every week a new treat appears, each one better than the last.

Still Sound (Xinobi Remix)--Toro Y Moi

For good measure, here's the original too:

Still Sound--Toro Y Moi

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