Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Swift Coin

Photo by Anya Shiller

It’s indie rock week on LOOSE L!PS, and it’s about time. I finally found some new-ish songs that I’m crazy over and itching to share with the world. Capped off yesterday by Russ’ excellent post on the more-excellent-still Bloom, today I continue with an upbeat rock song with an irresistible hook, Land of Talk’s Swift Coin. Land of Talk is a 3-piece band out of Montreal, signed to Connor Oberst’s illustrious Saddle Creek Records. I usually have a thing against female rock singers, but Land of Talk’s Elizabeth Powell has smashed through the glass ceiling I set before her with a bright, pleasing voice and masterful guitar skills. The killer solo at the end of the song? It’s all her; girl can rock like nobody’s business. The first single off their August 2010 album Cloak and Cipher (click to buy), Swift Coin is fantastic. I really can’t sing its praises enough—it’s everything I could want in an upbeat rock song: it's crisp, cheerful, and catchy. If I had my own band (which is never going to happen, but we’re talking hypotheticals here) this is the kind of music I would hope to make.

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Swift Coin--Land of Talk

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Eric said...

Land of Talk is great. My favorite tune by them is "Speak to Me Bones" off their Applause Boo Cheer Hiss EP that came out a few years ago.

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