Monday, February 28, 2011

Mouthful of Diamonds (The Jackals Remix)

Wake Up! You're getting high on your own supply.

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Does anyone else have an ever-growing ‘bands I NEED to check out’ list? New York's Phantogram has been high on mine for quite a while. I know, by now they’re old news, but I only have so much time to stream music in a day, and unfortunately some great acts fall through the cracks. Phantogram seemed like one of those bands I was going to begrudgingly keep ignoring, if it hadn’t been for my brother (hey Colton). Convinced he has the ‘LOOSE L!PS sound’ down to a formula—for the record he doesn’t, but he is getting close—he sent me this song with the remarks that I would probably want to feature it. Goddamit, he was right. Finally, Phantogram are on my radar, their psychedelic Mouthful of Diamonds enlivened by the Toronto production team known as The Jackals. The Jackals quickened the beat, took out most of the fuzz, and made it bouncy. So now it’s a FUN song about drugs and lies. That seems more natural, anyway. Though perhaps a bit odd considering the subject matter, with the opening command of “Wake Up!” I’ve been using this song as the start of my morning playlist. Do I start my day with electronic music? Sometimes, yes. And I’d venture to guess that if you’re the type to frequent this blog, you probably do too.

Phantogram's debut LP on Barsuk Records, Eyelid Movies, was named one of the best albums of 2010 by practically everyone (I told you, I'm really late on this bandwagon). Don't get left in the dust, buy it here.

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Mouthful of Diamonds (The Jackals Remix)--Phantogram

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