Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Beards Again

So I get home from work and pop open my computer and start trying to brainstorm just what I’m going to post tonight, and BOOM, a new MSTRKRFT single is staring me dead in the face. I guess I missed the boat when they released it last night. Oops. Whatever, I’ve been busy. You know who else has been busy? JESSE F KEELER APPARENTLY. (Al-P too.) If you’ve read more than one post on this blog you know all about my DFA1979 obsession. Well, that extends to all related projects. Between the DFA1979 rehersal videos and now this, I can’t even sit still. MSTRKRFT are one of those groups that gets me so pumped up I start swearing. I can’t help it, they’re just so fucking cool. Anyone who defected from the MSTRKRFT cause after Fist Of God (you poor, misguided souls) is bound to become a believer once more after hearing Beards Again. It’s not like anything MSTRKRFT has done before. Then again, no successive MSTRKRFT release ever sounds quite like its predecessor. Three minutes of harmonizing guitars and a simple drum pattern that is yet wholly imperious, undercut by that ever-present MSTRKRFT grit-synth, gives way at 3:10 to a full on techno drop—the kind that would cause me to absolutely lose my shit if I heard it live. I feel like everything I love about electronica just showed up at my doorstep covered in leather and sweat, bringing with it a bottle of jack and the command to “Get Down.”
Yeah, this song is dirty.

Beards Again--MSTRKRFT

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Ben said...

BIG fan of this track. Good to see you're keepin up to date =P

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