Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Can't Stop Loving You

Photo by Thomas Van Der Zaag

Oh wow, I’ve been holding out on you guys. I didn’t mean to, I could have sworn I posted this last week…but apparently I didn’t. Well, the good news is I’m posting it now. The bad news is that you’ve been missing out for the past 5 or so days. Fresh from our friends at FRΞNCH ΞXPRΞSS comes the debut release of Mr. Chris Malinchak. Malinchak is a New York city-based (born and raised) classically trained musician. At 4 years old he began playing piano, and now more than two decades later, he’s producing disco. Now that’s a Cinderella story if I’ve ever heard one. His classical training is still evident in his music though, as he treats his productions moreso like compositions. His Renaissance EP is deep without being overwhelming, and catchy without being cliché. The first single, Can’t Stop Loving You, is a charging, sparkling dance-fest, filled with filtered vocal samples and a throbbing bass line. It’s got an undeniable sexiness enhanced by a marked level of professionalism. Clearly, Malinchak knows his stuff. To celebrate his solo debut, FRΞNCH ΞXPRΞSS is giving out Can’t Stop Loving You for free, in glorious 320k, while the rest of the album is available on iTunes here. Be sure to show the label and disco's hot new thing some love by buying it; especially so as not to miss the track Talk About It, which has a bit of a Together feel, and is totally awesome.

Can't Stop Loving You--Chris Malinchak

Speaking of totally awesome...FE bossman Leon is both a genius and has too much time on his hands. The result is this music/Top Gun fangirl video, set to Malinchak's music. Check it.


Anonymous said...

i'll hand it to this guy, i've been listening to a lot of electronica in the last little while (i think it's been like an hour of surfing around or something like this) and nobody's really managed to captivate my interest if i'm honest. i was reluctant to give this guy a shot because the opener was a bit slow for me, but you know i'm more than halfway through and there's something really delightful about his style. i'm thinking, i might be out the door and then...i turn around to catch his eye? yeah. i'll give this track to you. it's quite nice. thanks for sharing. :)

Anonymous said...

actually, i meant to add he's got kind of a fenech soler thing going on, no?

Mikayla said...

Ooh I'm glad he could help make a convert out of you!
I feel you a bit on the Fenech Soler thing, but if you're looking for some music even more similar, shoot me an email and I'd be happy to recommend some tunes. :)

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