Thursday, March 17, 2011

Climbing Walls

Painting by William Benhamou,
who's debut exhibition lasts until March 24th here in Paris.

Ok Australia, it's time to let us in on your secret. Is it something in the water? Do you have special talent farms you send your children to? Are you aliens? Just HOW do you keep producing these crazy amazing musicians?

Australia is at the forefront of the feelgood electronica and electropop movement, and doesn't seem likely to be dethroned any time soon. Strange Talk are the latest addition to the cult of awesomeness they have going on Down Under. They emerged on the scene in the middle of last year out of basically nowhere. Now they're signed to New York's Neon Gold[standard] label, and just released word that their debut EP, and a subsequent tour, will be coming later this year. While we wait for them to dominate the market, have a listen to their first single, Climbing Walls. It's a stomping bit of powerhouse pop, complete with shiny synths and--my favorite possible vocal element--upbeat 'oohs', this song is absolutely infectious. It's ironic that it's about refusing to heed another, instead 'trying to run away,' because this song has made me a full believer.

Climbing Walls--Strange Talk

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chelle said...

this is the perfect-windows open on the first 70 degree day- track. gracias guapa!

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