Sunday, March 27, 2011

Comedown Sunday: Belongings

Photo by Hannah Davis

Clock Opera are a band. That isn’t so novel because, well, I feature a lot of bands on here. This is a music blog, after all. What is novel is that they just might become my new favorite band. I know that’s a big superlative, and maybe it’s stretching it a little, but whatever these guys do they do it right, and they’ve got me hooked. In the past 48 hours I have downloaded every one of their singles I could find, preordered their latest 7”, and laid in bed, stared at the ceiling, and listened to their songs on repeat for far too long (the perfect Comedown Sunday activity). Clock Opera are from England, and as far as bands go, they seem pretty generic on paper. There’s 4 guys, one on drums, one on bass, one on synths/keys, one on guitar/vocals. But these four guys are actually anything but generic, and together craft lush electronic rock, tied together by singer Guy Connelly’s velvety and emotive vocals. God, that voice. Their soundscapes range from intimate to sprawling, or sometimes both, like in the track of the month (maybe the year), Belongings. What starts as a reflective, piano-driven near whisper of a song swells to colossal proportions at 3:45, exploding in a flurry of sparkling synths and powerful drums. Every time I hear it I get that fluttering gut feeling that you get when you discover something so perfect it’s almost painful.

Belongings is being released on May 9th on Moshi Moshi Records. You can pre-order the vinyl here, and stream it via SoundCloud below:

Belongings by moshi moshi music

In addition to superb original work, Clock Opera also dabbles in remixes as well. This remix of Tracey Thorn’s You Are a Lover was just released yesterday for streaming. It should round off your weekend nicely.
Tracey Thorn / 'You Are A Lover' (Clock Opera Remix) by buzzinfly

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