Sunday, March 6, 2011

Comedown Sunday: Matter of Time (Cécile Remix)

Photo by Egor Shapovalov

Cécile is a criminally under-appreciated disco producer from Milan, Italy. Having received some early attention from the French collective Valerie, he is now signed to Gomma Records, “the German DFA.” A jack-of-all-trades, he has been known to produce everything from undeniable bangers (including a contribution to the Bloody Beetroots’ unforgettable Romborama album), to some of the most uniquely understated, dreamy songs I have the pleasure of including on my ‘chillout’ playlists. iori’s eyes are a 3-piece band, also from Milan, of whom I had never heard until Cécile uploaded a remix he did of their song Matter of Time to his Soundcloud. He describes iori’s eyes as “one of the most capable young bands in Italy,” and though I know nothing of them, after hearing his take on their latest single, I’m very much inclined to take his word for it. It is hauntingly beautiful. A perfect indie-electronic fusion, it starts off acoustic, so that you wouldn’t even know it’s a remix, until Cécile begins echoing and layering the vocal line. The sentiment “I know” is repeated in an almost chant-like manner before the gentle accompaniment swells before dropping into a deep, warm bass line. “I know” continues its steady, repetitive assertion, with ethereal “ahhs” wrapping the statement in mystique and longing. Almost eerie in its subtlety and repetition, this is one remix you wont soon forget.

Cécile states on his site that the remix of this song should be released for free in upcoming days. When and if that happens, I’ll be sure to update this post with a link to the download. In the meantime, stream here.

Iori's Eyes - Matter of Time (Cécile remix) by Cécile

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