Thursday, March 10, 2011

Friend Crush

"I wanna be your friend."

This song is impossibly cool. I knew it was going to be cool even before I heard it because it was sent to me by my friend Tyler, who works at Playboy1. Playboy is really cool; you do the math. Then I actually listened to this song, and by god, it proved to be even cooler than I expected. A song by a band called Friends, about a friend crush?? It's such a universal subject matter, why didn't anyone think of it sooner?? It was so cool that I immediately did a Google check to see if this band hadn’t been written about 1,000 times before and I had just missed the boat. I should have trusted cool Tyler’s opinion, as it hadn’t. However, I did find a few reviews, although they all frustrated me. Most reviews of this song described it as semi-stalkerish and almost creepy. I beg to differ. This isn’t creepy; this is real life! Don’t try to tell me you haven’t had a friend crush before. A ‘friend crush’ is that feeling that you get when you meet someone, or know of someone through the grapevine, and think “God, that person is really cool, if only they would hang out with me, we would make SUCH a good team.” I know it happens to me all the time. In fact, my current best friend is the result of an ENORMOUS friend crush I had that eventually came to fruition. Sometimes with buddies, much akin to romantic relationships (but different), you just know. That’s what I think Samantha Urbani is singing about when she croons “I wanna ask your advice on a weekday, I wanna plan something nice for the weekend.” That doesn’t sound so sinister to me. Just because the lighthearted lyrics are pitched by Samantha’s languid demeanor, minimalist drumming, and pulsing, sexy bass line—the song’s true breakout star—doesn’t necessarily make it sinister. It makes it cool, dudes.

Friends were just signed to Lucky Number Music and are currently working on an album. Look for it later this year. In the meantime, check out their Bandcamp.

Friend Crush--Friends

1In reality, Tyler is only an intern at Playboy. But that doesn't sound quite as nice now does it?

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