Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Galilean Moons

Photo by Dalton Flint

Since indie-rock week is officially over, I thought I’d go out on a limb and try to post a song in a genre that’s definitely out of my comfort zone. Mikayla is the connoisseur of electronic, dance and chillwave tunes – I’ll be quick to admit I know little about the genres. However, I recently stumbled upon the music of Jim Smith, who goes by the musical moniker of Teeel. The New Jersey DJ’s debut album, Amulet, was released on Moodgadget Records last week. So without further adieu, I present Galilean Moons, a track that may have me rethinking my position on electronic, synthy, heavily ‘80s-inspired music.

Teeel’s debut has a lot of awesome tracks on it, albeit a couple sound the same (not necessarily a bad thing – Amulet really clicks when listened to from front to back). It was easy for me to quickly fall in love with Galilean Moons, as it holds the most weight as a stand-alone track. I feel listeners will hastily compare it to Head on the Door-era The Cure, New Order or The Psychedelic Furs. To me, the song is more in the vein of late ‘90s electronic-rockers Antarctica, which is probably why I connect to it. The catchy synth and drum beats work so well in their progressively layered structure that Smith's droning, minimalistic vocals are just an added bonus. I’m not really sure if that’s how all chillwave, electronic music works, but if it is, Teeel’s got it down. Also, the song’s length is where it’s at; it clocks in under the four-minute-mark, which is always a serious plus for me. While I’m off to find more stuff like this, enjoy the track and make sure to check out the entirety of Amulet - now available on iTunes.

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Galilean Moons--Teeel

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