Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Idealistic (A-Trak Remix)

Not to be outdone by the recent Ed Banger hooplah, COOP Music has announced the return of German electro rock duo Digitalism. (Yesssss.) Their 2nd LP is due on June 20th. It’s going to be called I Love You, Dude, and features a track co-written by Julian Casablancas (of The Strokes) entitled Forrest Gump. Yeah, I’m serious. That’s actually what the press release says. Three cheers to the Germans—a notoriously grumpy lot—for having a sense of humor on this one.

Honestly though, expect this to be fantastic. I know I do. You know why? Because Digitalism are fantastic. Their 2007 Idealism album still sounds just as fresh today as it did four years ago. And while it might not be quite ‘fresh’, I’ve had A-Trak’s remix of their classic Idealistic stuck in my head all day. Have at it, and get psyched for the return.

Idealistic (A-Trak Remix)--Digitalism

Digitalism are playing two back-to-back ‘comeback’ shows on June 13th at XOYO, London, and June 14th at Nouveau Casino, Paris. Be sure to check your local retailer (lolz, the internet) for tickets.


Short Circuit said...

Idealism is still my favorite electronic album but this new album worries me simply because that Taken Away track they released a couple years back was absolute garbage.

Mikayla said...

Blitz was pretty good though. I think that's their most recent EP?

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