Saturday, March 5, 2011

Love Birds

I was feeling rather rough after a long night and a considerable amount of some weird ass vodka-mint drink, until I opened up my Soundcloud and what did I see? A new Moonchild EP, including remixes by two of my favorite artists, Russ Chimes and The Phantom’s Revenge. While music might not have the ability to beat a hangover, this is helping considerably.

Those of you familiar with my writing over at Binary might remember Moonchild from the gushing post I did over the summer of his remix of DCUP and Yolanda Be Cool’s powerhouse, We No Speak Americano. Likewise, you may recall Russ Chimes from the rave review I gave of his Midnight Club EP (which remains one of my most-played releases ever; if you don’t have it yet go buy it). As for the Phantom’s Revenge? Well, I haven’t had the chance to enthuse about him yet, but not for lack of wanting, merely lack of time. If you know me and this blog, you know I’m usually adverse to posting two tracks at the same time, especially two remixes of the same track. But I can’t help myself with these guys. Maybe it’s because I love both the remix artists, maybe it’s because each of the reworks are so amazing in their own right (they are), but asking me to pick a favorite would be like asking me to choose between puppies or kitties.
*For the record, if baby kittens grew into dogs, that would be my perfect animal.

03. Love Birds (Russ Chimes 'Remember The Summer' Remix) by Moonchild

First up there’s Russ Chimes’ ‘Remember Summer’ remix. The longest on the EP, it takes the [killer] filter disco-house original and stretches it to 7 glorious minutes of constantly-shifting yet symbiotic styles, tied together by a driving bassline. In typical Chimes fashion, it features a rather gratuitous addition of melodic vocal samples, marked by the ever-present intensity Chimes maintains in all of his music. Win. Next up we have the brilliant house remix by the Phantom’s Revenge’s. With chopped vocals, fade-ins, and a stomping beat, this ‘Angry Bird’ remix is almost as addicting as the game. TPR is one of the premier producers in this genre; if you’re a fan of good old fashioned, by-the-books-but-better house music, look no further than this man. This remix just serves to further demonstrate his talents.

02. Love Birds (The Phantom's Revenge 'Angry Bird' Remix) by Moonchild

The Love Birds EP comes out “one month from now” on Vamp Music. Be sure to buy it on iTunes, Beatport, etc. when it does. In the meantime, stream the tracks on Soundcloud, and disco.

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