Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Of Stars/From Suns

You might remember Datahowler from a couple months back. If you don't (you should), he's the Dallas-based spacelectro (space + electro, get it?) master who is helping put Texas electronica on the map. This week's Monday Mixer [the weekly, multi-blog playlist started by Metropolitan Jolt that we contribute to] theme was 'Local Artists.' When I heard the theme I immediately thought of Datahowler, and shot him a request for a song. He went above and beyond and was kind enough to send along an exclusive, unreleased LIVE recording of his two sister songs Of Stars and From Suns. Though on his debut album, Slowdrifter, the two songs are separate, his live show fuses the two in a mist of twinkling keys, blissed-out guitars, and warm bass. This is a perfect representation of Datahowler's range of artistry (he did, after all, play every single one of the instruments on his album). Not only is this a killer live track--the fusion is seamless and silky--but the style incorporates everything from funk to lounge to psychedelic at parts. It's exotic and yet comforting, like a big sandy beach and a just-hot-enough sun.

Right Click to Download:
Of Stars/From Suns (Live)--Datahowler

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