Sunday, April 10, 2011

Comedown Sunday: Summer Song

It’s a very special day. You know why? You’re getting TWO Comedown Sundays. I hope you’re excited. This first Comedown Sunday should have been posted weeks ago but I dropped the ball. Surprise. It’s by LL favorite and friend Conner Youngblood, making his second appearance on Comedown Sundays. This time, the dashing Dallas lad with the voice of an angel, the banjo skills of Bob (Dylan, that is), and brains to boot (just guess where he goes to school), is back with a sunny, breezy piece called Summer Song. It’s a unique mix of bluegrass banjo and buzzy, glitchy production fill—folk for our electronic age. He called it his ‘attempt at making a happy song,’ and I think it’s a wild success. True to the name and intent, it practically drips in sunshine and rainbows and light breezes and all those great feelings you associate with warm weather and the changing of the seasons. I intern in the offices of a really chic Parisian fashion magazine, and the other day I noticed that they had listed Conner’s Summer Song as their song of the day. He’s officially international. Not bad for our Texas boy, is it?

Summer Song--Conner Youngblood


Ben said...

I've come back to this post a few times for the song instead of just finding it in itunes. I don't really know why, maybe the photo? It really optimizes the song

Ian said...

Where can I his music to own?

Mikayla said...

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