Sunday, April 10, 2011

Comedown Sunday: Weathervane

“If the weathervane was right then the air I exhaled will be reaching you tonight.”

Photo by ZedZaP

This happens every year: as the seasons change my music tastes shift from deep, complex electronic productions to simple, delicate acoustic numbers. It just feels appropriate what with the blooming glowers and the sunny skies and elongated days. I’ve been in a desperate search for some new music that fits this mood, as currently my ‘Spring Feelings’ playlist is dominated by songs from 2010. This morning I stumbled upon the work of transatlantic collaborators Early to Bed, and by god, I think I’ve finally found what I’ve been looking for. Early to Bed is a musical collaboration between two people—Meagan Day of Wisdom Tooth from the USA and Henry Toft of Me and The Horse I Rode On from Denmark. They’ve never met in real life, but rather collaborate solely via the internet, proof that good music knows no boundaries. Their song Weathervane is a gentle, dreamy gem, filled with themes of bittersweet longing and feelings of connectivity in spite of physical distance. I’m currently sitting by the window, staring outside at the tops of buildings and the endless blue sky, missing more than a couple people something fierce, and this song couldn’t be a more perfect soundtrack.

Early to Bed's first digital single is being released for free over at EardrumsPop. I highly suggest you head over there and get it. This collaboration seems to be the start of something beautiful.

Weathervane--Early to Bed

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