Thursday, April 28, 2011

Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out

Illustration by Vrno

When I saw the name of the newest Antlers song, I prayed that it would be awesome. The reason being - I felt an instant connection to the track, even before listening to it. For the longest time, I had dreams that my teeth would fall out. It got so bad that I’d have a dream within a dream of my teeth falling out – yeah, Inception shit. Anyway, New York’s Antlers’ latest single is not only right up my alley in its name, but in its lo-fi, indie-rock nature. To me, Every Night I Dream My Teeth Are Falling Out is better than the band’s critically acclaimed, 2010 release Hospice. Sure, the album was good, I’ll agree with that. It’s just; sometimes I feel parts were a little too experimental for me, and felt rather boring. Other parts made me feel like I was about to have a panic attack. It’s not like the band has abandoned the minimalistic, non-traditional style that made Hospice so haunting, however. The new track still maintains the anxiety-driven, bi-polar feel of the band’s older material. Its folk-tinged beginning violently cascades into layers of guitars, looped vocals and effects in a climax of indie-rock goodness. More, please.

Antlers' new album, Burst Apart, drops May 10 on Frenchkiss Records.

Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out - The Antlers

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Killer Hype said...

Do you know what would be weird.. If you had a dream that your teeth are falling out and when you woke up your teeth would be missing. Like some Nightmare on Elm Street shit.

On another note.. The Antlers are F-ing awesome.

Selorm said...

Dope track...u dream your teeth are falling out? Wonder that means.

Anonymous said...

burst apart is great and "every night" is just as well. that being said, i am baffled as to how you can say it tops hospice in ANY way. hospice may seem experimental to you, but i believe it is just raw. bold uncompromising emotion on a stressful and trying situation. concept albums are usually a flop but this one is perfect. also, hospice sounds great on record but it sounds even better when peter is wailing it out in front of you. even more exaggerated and emotional. love them.

dentist Essendon teeth whitening said...

I love the track as well. However, I don't really love the idea of having teeth falling every night. That's scary. There is a superstitious believe about this somewhere in Asia, in India I think.

mini implants said...

Sure dentist, I agree with you. That is something you'd want not to witness on your own teeth.

ganawil said...

the moment i heard the title, i knew he was talking about dreaming and when you dream of your teeth falling out, it generally means that the teeth reflect your anxieties on what others think of you.

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Lanielle Bernadette Smith said...

There are several interpretations about this kind of dream. But my Concord NC dentist says its merely a product of the imaginative mind.

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