Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Get Away

I’m noticing a common trend with all these lo-fi, ‘80s-‘90s revivalist bands – I absolutely love them all. This time it’s a London-based band called Yuck, a bunch of 20-something year-olds who have absolutely floored me with their sound. Apparently, the band members are already known for their ex-band, the heavily-pop influenced Cajun Dance Party. I guess I missed that memo, but I’m glad I skipped straight to the better stuff. Yuck definitely pays homage to some definitive bands of the era. There’s Sonic Youth to The Cure to Red House Painters – the list goes on. Honestly, I could grab any track off the album to showcase; they all highlight an important sound in the genre.

Get Away, the lead track off Yuck’s debut, self-titled release on Fat Possum Records sees the band let go as they hit the fuzz pedals. This song gives me the chills, and there’s a simple explanation. What Yuck has managed to do is craft a song that’s far better than anything Stephen Malkmus, Thurston Moore or J Mascis have done in a decade. Twenty-something years ago, the Pavements, Sonic Youths, and Dinosaur Jr.’s of the music scene had something to say with real youth on their side. Now they’re 40 and 50 years old, drowning in noise and the same sound they’ve known for years and years – it just doesn’t mean as much anymore. Thankfully, there’s a group of kids from across the pond to remind us exactly what “it” is – and it totally rocks. Listen to Get Away and make sure to buy Yuck’s full-length. You won’t regret it.

Get Away--Yuck


Selorm said...

I like this, the instrumentation is really good.

Matt said...

Agreed, great post. Yuck aren't that 'new' but at least they're adding some new energy to old format. All the best tunes come from this side of the pond (sort of).

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