Saturday, April 16, 2011


Photo by Olivier Valsecchi

I don’t normally post dubstep on here, as I feel most of the time it’s a little too ‘niche.’ I try to feature mainly what I call ‘middle-ground-music’ on the blog: music that everyone from my best friend to my dad might get something out of. And let’s be honest, for all of his coolness, my dad just isn’t going to get dubstep quite like I might. But every once in a while, an exception to this guideline needs to be made. Case in point: Nero’s newest single, Guilt (featuring Alana on vocals). It comes out officially on April 24th (preorder the EP HERE), as a precursor to their debut album, to be released August 1st. Nero have been my favorite dubstep/drum n’ bass producers for years, and this latest release launches them into the—forgive my use of the word—epic category. For those of you that don’t like dubstep, forgive me on this one; I just had to indulge. For those of you that do, prepare to meet the song of 2011. It is hugeeee.

Guilt (feat. Alana) - Nero

While we’re on the Nero subject, here’s an oldie from 2009. It’s a remix of DJ Fresh’s Hypercaine, and it is undoubtedly my favorite dubstep/drum n’ bass remix of all time. Feel the reverb.

Hypercaine (Nero Remix) - DJ Fresh

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CNADAL said...

that picture is NUTS. love the post too :)

Selorm said...

Guilt is tight as hell. Im not too familiar with Dubstep, but I really like that Guilt track. @Cnadal...indeed, that picture is tight

Mikayla said...

thanks guys!

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