Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Heart to Tell

Painting by Trey Speegle

I feel like North Carolina’s The Love Language got the short end of the stick in 2010. Their debut for Merge Records, Libraries, was completely overshadowed by the newest release from Grammy-winning label mates, The Arcade Fire. The Album of the Year-winning Canadians may have reached a wider audience with The Suburbs, but it’s the music of the lo-fi, indie-rockers from the East Coast that I find it easier to identify with. The Love Language started out with minimalistic, DIY sound – their first album was put together without any real professional help or recording equipment. This evolved into a more produced, cleaner sound for Libraries - something that could have taken away from the intrigue of the band. Luckily, it just moved them in a different direction without much compromise to what The Love Language is all about.

Heart to Tell, a track from the aforementioned 2010 release Libraries, is a must-listen – especially as we’re approaching springtime. It’s full of raw emotion and new beginnings, the core of frontman and founder Stuart McLamb’s music. Still, it manages to stay upbeat and exude the essence of pop - we’re talking sock-hops and hula hoops, here. Heart to Tell is truly something with its ability to borrow from pre-British Invasion rock, but rip a guitar solo right in the middle of the song. It’s a feel-good jam that shouldn’t be passed over. Check it out, and buy the whole album over at Merge here.

Heart to Tell--The Love Language

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