Sunday, April 24, 2011

I Won't Let Go

Photo by Yunus Emre Ates

I’ve been waiting for this day for a while. Easter? No, don’t be silly. I’m talking about the official release of Monarchy’s new single of course. I’ve never fully expressed my love/devotion/borderline-secret-obsession with Monarchy on here, which is probably for the best so I don’t sound like a huge fangirl. (For the record, I have never done nor plan to ever do any stalking.) Let’s just say I fucking love these guys. For those of you unfamiliar, Monarchy are a ‘mysterious’ duo based out of London, by way of Australia. I say ‘mysterious’ because they have a penchant for masks and staying incognito. Yes, 10 minutes on Google will lead you to their true identities, but the masquerade is so much more fun (not to mention sexy), so just go with it. They were set to last their debut album last year, but unfortunately due to it leaking, they pushed back the date. It’s finally gracing our ears this year, and I couldn’t be more excited. Monarchy make pop music. I repeat: Monarchy make mind-blowingly amazing pop music. All their songs include a great deal of shimmering synth, dramatic progressions, singer Ra’s GLORIOUS, gratuitous use of falsetto, and occasionally cheesy lyrics: the whole pop package. I mean, these are the guys that had their first live concert broadcast into space; you know anything they do is going to be huge. Their latest single I Won’t Let Go, the first off their upcoming record, is nothing short of a bombastic masterpiece. Three and a half minutes of urgent, pulsing bass, dazzling synths, THAT VOICE, and the greatest pop chorus of the year—I know it’s early, but there’s no way anything is going to top this. Not even Beyonce.
My only complaint is that it isn’t longer.

I Won’t Let Go is out today on iTunes. Preview it below, and be sure to buy it--with a bunch of remixes included--HERE.

I Won't Let Go by Monarchy

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