Saturday, April 16, 2011

LOOSE L!PS M!X : Almost Spring

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I started off the week with a mix, and now I'm ending it with one.
About a month ago a friend who works at 8tracks [the new create-your-own mixtape website that--with the release of its new iPhone app this past week--looks set to become the next big thing in music streaming] asked me to do an interview about what makes LL tick for a series on bloggers they're doing over at their Tumblr. He also asked me to compile an 8-track mix for the occasion, which is what you're getting today. Here is the first of what I hope to be a monthly or bi-monthly series of mixtapes here on LOOSE L!PS. We're gonna call them LOOSE L!PS M!Xes. Sometimes I might make them, sometimes Russ might make them, and hopefully sometimes we can get special guests to make them. Woohoo!

// Read the interview HERE.
// Stream the mixtape via the above player. (on your iPhone with the new app!)
// Download the entire mixtape below.

Or, if you already have all these songs (we've featured most of them before), grab the one we've never posted (Louis La Roche's INDISPENSABLE Missing You) by right-clicking the name on the tracklist.

LOOSE L!PS M!X 01: Almost Spring
8 tracks to get you psyched on sunny days.

1. Rich Girls (Le Castle Vania Remix) - The Virgins
2. Armistice (RAC Remix) - Phoenix
3. Still Sound (Xinobi Remix) - Toro Y Moi
4. Bloom - The Veils
5. Heart to Tell - The Love Language
6. Climbing Walls - Strange Talk
7. Missing You (feat. Ad-apt) - Louis La Roche
8. Shades Of Black - Breakbot

Download All By Right-Clicking: Zip Folder

In the interview, I mention my favorite post. In case you missed the song the first time it made an appearance on the site, here it is again:
Jesus Was a B-Boy (Moullinex Remix) - Ben Mono

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