Monday, April 18, 2011

Runnin For Love

An aside: If you notice the posts on here are considerably shorter the next few weeks, forgive me. It's the end of the year: finals season. Time for me to write papers instead of blog posts. Things should be back to normal by mid-May.
(I know, that's kind of a long time, but what's a girl to do?)

A couple weeks ago I received a heads-up about an album via a Tweet. Now, not to sound like a prick, but 99% of the time I'm given promotional material via Tweet, the music is quite shit. So it was a delight when it turned out that not only was the work in question not shit, but it was in fact very, very, very good. Filtered For Your Pleasure is the first EP of a house/disco series compiled by Pat Lok and GSD for Punchout! Recordings. It's a compilation of 5 fun, filtered, sampled, and stomping house and disco pieces from 5 different artists. If you're looking for the soundtrack to your next classic house groovefest [modernized, of course] look no further than this EP. Take, for example, Pat Lok's infections Runnin for Love. Sampling some perfectly sing-alongable song that I cannot for the life of me find on Google, it's nearly 6 minutes of pure, groovy energy. It might not quite have you runnin, but it will definitely have you dancing. The album came out today exclusively on Beatport, so after you stream some songs below, be sure to go buy it HERE.

Aforementioned Pat Lok track:
Pat Lok - Runnin For Love by Punchout! Recordings

Bonus, another excellent contribution by Scottland's Go Go Bizkitt!
Go Go Bizkitt! - Touch That by Punchout! Recordings

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